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This holiday season a speaker can deliver the gift of music and more for the techie on your list.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unveiled

 Samsung has upped the smartphone stakes with the promise of an all-day battery, storage that can expand to one terabyte and a stepped up processor for speedier performance. For devotees of the S Pen, that stylus that has long set the Note line apart, the new S Pen now has Bluetooth connectivity and can double as a remote for taking selfies.

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BlackBerry Key2 to appeal to security conscious

Privacy controls are touted among the top features of TCL Communications’ BlackBerry KEY2.

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New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone unveiled in New York City

Privacy controls are touted among the top features of TCL Communications’ BlackBerry KEY2.


Is it art or is it television?

PARIS — A Samsung representative led a contingent of international journalists into a gallery Tuesday at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, pointing out one wall covered with framed art.
The challenge?
To pick out the 12 pieces on the wall that weren’t static artworks.

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Should You Buy Your Child A Smartphone

Should you buy your child a smartphone? Here are some tips before you decide to shop.

Typing on a Computer

Hacking the Hackers

HALIFAX — Mark is a disgruntled employee. So disgruntled that when he decamped from his job he downloaded critical files from his company computer, files he could sell to fund what he envisioned as an early retirement.

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Invasion of the Domestic Robots

Frédéric Boisdron and his wife run their home with the help of 12 robots. The robots do everything from cutting the grass to washing the windows. They even keep the cat’s litter box clean.
What they won’t be doing is looking after the couple’s first child when the baby is born in October. But by the time the Boisdrons are grandparents, their children could be enlisting robots to help look after them.


Mark Twain

“Substitute 'damn' every time you're inclined to write 'very;' your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be.”